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Are vendors doing enough to implement dose reduction features in imaging equipment?

Image Gently Urges Vendors to Implement Radiation Reduction Measures


Some Radiologists have pointed the finger at manufacturers, saying they are not providing the data necessary to develop a standard for acceptable radiation exposure in medical imaging.

In an FDA meeting, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Public Meeting: Device Improvement to Reduce Unnecessary Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging, on March 30-31, 2010, some of the Radiologists leading the movement in dose reduction will discuss steps that could be taken by
manufacturers of devices used in CT and fluoroscopy that would reduce
unnecessary patient exposure to ionizing radiation during CT and
fluoroscopic procedures.

Do you feel vendors doing enough to implement dose reduction features in imaging equipment?

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I think the first responsibility lies in training the technologists. I am a CT technologist who has worked in many a rural hospital and ofices where CTs are done. These places take people barely trained as rad techs.. show them how to push a few buttons where protocol has been set for the big 4 exams from ER.. then turned loose.. They haven't a clue how to run the machine.. It's like the old days where the KV selector was taped and exposure was controlled only by mAs..


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