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Can someone tell me who came first on planet Earth,Humanbeings or Ultrasound?

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I think human beings were the first inhabitants of the planet earth by evolution of course and ultrasound was an invention of the mankind.
Yes Dr Saeed the modern Ultrasound is the invention of mankind.(i think it was first clinically used in 1970s)but bats which inhabits earth even before mankind uses Sound waves to localize their prey and to evaluate their direction as they are flying around and that mechanism is exactly the same as implied in ultrasound,so Radiology is existing even before mankind.:)
True! I knew the story of bats and their sonic orientation and we are exemplifying this for the residents of the first year, but do we exactly know the type of what is used by bats? Is it the same ultrasound we use for sonography? I think nobody knows, the secrete is still unveiled!
Yes thats right Dr Saeed!
Dear Dr bilal it seems to have a good discussion about the ultrasound if someone starts doing a research about the secret of bat's orientation and finds out exactly its nature. This will be a biologist or a radiologist to accomplish this i really don't know but someone has to do it. If this done we may stop or go on referring bats behaviour a model to clarify the fact or select another way to do it.
Yes i agree with you Dr Saeed,this needs research to open the secrets,maybe someone will do that in future,i hope!


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