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Hi, is anyone using Mac OS workstations? Can you recommend any software/hardware to DICOM-calibrate displays on Mac?

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Osirix is a great DICOM viewer with lots of advanced options - free and low-cost certified versions available.

For calibration software under OSX, try PerfectLum:


Alice,what brand and model of medical display monitors are you using?

you can connect your monitors (depends on make and model) to a windows PC run the manufacture calibration software and  then connect the monitors back to your MAC. keep in mind you always want to have a monitor with built in calibration censor and always try using manufacturer's calibration software since the monitors can self calibrate themselves and will immediately notify you as soon as something goes wrong with them. also, there is a software for MAC called "Parallel Desktop" which allows you to run windows applications in MAC. if you have manufacture's calibration software for your monitors, you may be able to run it in Parallel Desktop and calibrate your monitors without leaving your MAC or disconnecting your monitors.I can help you further if you tell me what make and model of graphic card you are using since you most probably have to enable DCC for your card. let me know if you have any other questions.

After reading Daniel's post, I decided to give PerfectLUM a try to see what is it all about. I purchased a full license and gave it a try. All I can say is this is a MUST HAVE for any radiologist out there. such a fantastic product. it calibrates your monitors to DICOM standards, you can print a very detailed report, you can even calibrate none DICOM LCDs to DICOM quality. it also does color matching if your monitors are displaying two different image quality. I never look at calibration the same way again. HIGHLY recommended. if anybody needs help on how to use it, send me a message and I will assist you. 

Thanks for the response everyone! I have a Mac home workstation with a non-DICOM display, so I want to be able to calibrate it, and re-calibrate when necessary. I guess I'll try PerfectLum, thanks!


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