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Secure Image Sharing

radRounds has partnered with Intelemage InteleGRID to provide all of our users with a secure image sharing solution.

Securely share images with other radRounds members as well as anyone else in the world using the InteleGRID. Registering for this service will allow you to upload images from any source and grant another user access to that study. The destination user will then get an alert that a new study is available. They will have the option to view the study in multiple ways including a basic online viewer, a more advanced PACS Viewing application as well as options to securely download the study. Downloading the study will allow the user to modify the DICOM data on the fly as well as automatically push it to their PACS or workstation, all from a simple and secure web application.

Click Here to Register: http://share.intelemage.com

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