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Anyone have a light?

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Comment by Rick Robertson on December 27, 2010 at 11:38am
There are some strange folks in this world.  A lateral film would have been intersting to see.  I'd take wagers that the flashlight is stuck on the coccyx and can't come out.  I saw a similar case while in the Army.  The patient was taken to the OR and put to sleep.  Hen was then placed prone and the table put into a jackknife positon.  the surgeon then put in a type of dilator to open the rectum.  That apparently allowed him to get his hand in positon to remove the 14" vibrator that had gotten sucked in too far and then wedged against the coccyx.I guess his wife got a little too overzealous in their game.  They were also my neighbors which made for quite a few awkward moments after he got out of the hospital.  Oh, he also got discharged form the Army for being unfit for military service. 

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