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Internal Iliac Artery Branches

Internal iliac artery branches into posterior and anterior divisions.

Posterior branches of the internal iliac artery include:
1. Iliolumbar artery
2. Lateral sacral arteries
3. Superior glutal artery

Anterior Branches of the Internal Iliac Artery:
1. Obturator artery (occasionally arises from inferior epigastric artery)
2. Inferior gluteal artery
3. Umbilical artery
4. Uterine artery in females (deferens artery in males)
5. Inferior vesicle artery
6. Middle Rectal artery
7. Internal pudendal artery

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Comment by saeed rad on August 3, 2009 at 1:51pm
The groove where the superior gluteal artery passes to the buttocks is prominant in females and we use it as an identification sign of the sex in pelvis radiography, sometimes called sacro-iliac notch!

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