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The First Ultra-High-Field MRI Scanner to Receive CE Approval

Siemens Healthineers’ Magnetom Terra has just received CE approval, and can now be used in clinical practice within the European Union. This ultra-high-field MRI operates on a magnetic field of 7 tesla, and produces more finite images, stronger signal-to-noise ratio, and better spatial resolution than its predecessor, 3 tesla.

The Healthineers have big hopes for the Magnetom Terra. According to a press release, the improved resolution can be used to perform more precise and in-depth analyses of neurological and musculoskeletal exams. The Magnetom Terra can clearly differentiate between white and gray matter, proving it to be an effective diagnostic system for patients with MS and epilepsy. The 7 tesla allows physicians to more easily identify lesions and determine specific cognitive impairments.

The Magnetom Terra is also equipped with a Dual Mode functionality, which allows users to toggle between clinical procedures and research strategy. The device’s “open system architecture” enables researchers to develop and implement their own specific protocol.

"This CE certificate is now well-supported by the remarkable progress with respect to novel radio-frequency technologies and MR methods that will make whole-body MRI at 7 Tesla feasible in the future. It will definitely foster the translation of research into clinical applications," Professor Dr. Siegfried Trattnig, MD, Director of the MR Centre of Excellence at the Medical University of Vienna said. "And, the higher signal to noise ratio, the improved contrast, and non-proton MR at 7T will translate into better spatiotemporal resolution, but even more importantly into enhanced biochemical and metabolic tissue characterization en route to clinical noninvasive personalized medicine."

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