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The Ultimate Toy for Radiologists: the Samsung CHG90 Monitor

A study has yet to be published that says working with a massive, peripheral vision-inclusive monitor will increase productivity, but using the Samsung “super-ultrawide” CHG90 monitor might be best way to put the theory into practice.

Measuring 49-inches wide, the CHG90 is two 16:9 monitors rolled into one. Its vertical resolution is 1080p, which isn’t as sharp as 1440p quad-HD or 4K ultra-HD; however it still displays a strikingly clear image. Regardless of what kind of programs you’re running on the monitor, you’re going to need a powerful central processing unit.

For hospitals and clinics that favor consumer-grade monitors, the CHG90 could be the ideal display for reading diagnostic imaging exams. Although medical-grade screens typically produce sharper images, Samsung’s Quantum Dot, a nanocrystal technology, illuminates the screen with vibrant, more accurate colors that are enhanced with the LED backlight.

That said, here are the ways that adding a CHG90 to the reading room could increase vision accessibility:

Peripheral vision. The screen’s curve and width allows users to examine images outside of their direct line of vision.

Immersive. The size and shape have an IMAX-screen effect, enabling clinicians and technicians to feel completely immersed in the image. The nature of the design keeps the user’s attention span in check, and decreases the chance of distraction.

With a $1,500 price tag, the CHG90 is a serious investment. However, for radiologists and technicians who want to become more productive, this could be a worthwhile purchase.

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