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When It Comes to Radiology, Are You a 'Giver,' 'Taker,' or 'Matcher'?

Just like in any work environment, the radiology department is staffed with all different kinds of personalities, and communication styles are bound to clash. According to a new study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, 'givers,' 'takers,' and 'matchers' are the three types of team members that make up the radiology department. The study authors recommend establishing a system that encourages all three to work together effectively.

Identifying givers, takers, and matchers takes some careful contemplation. The study defines givers as “those persons who give without expectations,” takers as “those who position themselves to only be at the receiving end of help,” and matchers as workers who “lean towards fostering a tit-for-tat environment.” The authors suggest leadership should approach their radiology team by providing givers and takers with individualized responsibilities and expectations.

“An effective radiology leader must be aware of the heterogeneity of teams and the tendency of individuals to lean more toward one or another of these traits,” wrote lead author Nupur Verma, MD, and her colleagues at the University of Florida in Gainesville. “This allows the leader to position and reward the members individually to maximize productivity and decrease interpersonal conflicts. Understanding this is also important in radiology groups in which there are complex teamwork interactions and the team members are highly trained, high-value employees.”

According to the study, there is such a thing as too much giving. “Givers are also most likely to be taken advantage of and viewed as weak and submissive if they are amicable givers,” the researchers write.

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