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In a recent discussion with a cardiologist, he gave me the option of receiving a disk with a DICOM study and viewer software, or he could convert the study to an AVI file and post it to an ftp server for me to download.

My question is....What level of image loss is there when the study is converted to an AVI file? Additionally, would the image quality be better if the study was converted to MPEG4 instead?

Thank you in advance for your considered response.


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There would be significant quality loss in either AVI or MPEG4. MPEG4 with minimal compression is better than AVI. But DICOM is best. If hi-resolution is needed for your purposes, we would not convert to AVI or MPEG4. The quality degradation can be as much as let's say 10 to 30%.

As an aside and plug for a feature we have here on radRounds: You can use InteleGRID (provided by Intelemage, our partner) which enables very easy sends of entire DICOM CD-ROMs. You can find the link under "Share Cases"


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