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Hey.. Cool idea, looking forward to seeing how things progress. One suggestion - especially in the phase where you're building up membership, restricting access to all content to registered users might put some people off. Perhaps limit access to groups & forums to read-only to non-registered?
Hi Martin,
Thanks for joining radRounds--a personal welcome. We set up strict privacy settings b/c our goal is to preserve the integrity and professionalism of this site. We don't want any SPAMMers or unwanted solicitations on radRounds. Our mission is to provide a protected environment that will foster professional and truly valuable connections and collaborations between our members.

HOWEVER! That being said.

Your idea is a very good one. Point taken and acted upon. We are adjusting some of the code and site settings to allow for more open access during this phase! Thanks Martin,

radRounds Team
Great point Martin!
another of my suggestion a lot of people dont upload images and it becomes difficult to see who is who on ur contact list so instead of setting the contact list on each persons profile to pictures set it to names + pictures.
Sumer, Great suggestion. We also thought of that because it is hard to see others connections as well. We hope that with the names showing and also a one-liner that you wish to tell people about yourself, it would allow people to quickly browse to see who is on radRounds.

That is actually our #1 coding priority at the moment. We will have another iteration of the code done very soon which will include that. Stay tuned. Thanks for yet another very useful suggestion.
radRounds Team
Hi there RR,

looks like you are getting some bot action

user 3k5au9u8a1ku3 for example appeared on my friend list... hmmmm
That's no good. We aim to make this community SPAM and bot free. We are investigating STAT.
err maybe that is not it.

When I click on my name (top left) all my friends are people I know.

When I go to the little man icon to the right of the envelope icon (next to my name), that is where they appear as hash keys eg.. 2e1ahlai8d2vf

Maybe it is because they have just signed up? These where people I invited.

Sorry to be alarmist.

Hi Frank--Thanks for letting us know--our top differential dx is a code bug as we are upgrading the code to the top bar or a bot. Less likely bot but we are not excluding this because we our #1 priority is the integrity of this site as it grows. those hash marks are the code generated database user-id. What could be happening is that the top bar is displaying the database user-id instead of the front-end user id i.e. like "Frank Gaillard" or "radrounds." Thanks and if you see any other weird stuff, just send me email or post it here.
Hey Steve, great work.
When you upload cases, sometimes you got more than one image and it would be great to put all of them together into a case, and not individually. Also that if someone wants to enhance the case, he or she can give us some background history, describe findings and a little discussion about the diagnosis (with references). An example could be the system of mypacs.net.
How about designing some promotional buttons for radRounds that people can post on their blogs or sites. Like the LinkedIn or Twitter buttons. If you design one, I promise to put it in the sidebar of my blog.
Dear Vijay,
Thanks for your vote of support. We are also going to making a prettier looking partners page. Please send us a logo of your blog, best would be a high res jpg or a vector image so we can resize if necessary.

Here are some badges to start with. More to come! Thanks for your support of radRounds! We appreciate your spreading the word for us and helping us grow this membership.

radRounds Team


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