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Hello all,
Why are so many users joining anonymously? It will be difficult for people to find or recognize others they know if the greatest majority of people are anonymous.

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Hi T Ben Johnson,
Excellent point. We agree and we hope as new members join, they will feel more comfortable to using their real identities as much as possible so that colleagues, recruiters, and industry leaders know who they are talking to. We encourage people to not register anonymously either! Plus it is to one's advantage to really provide as much as possible non-anonymous info such that others can find them and also call on them for new opportunities.

We also encourage all members to fill out their profiles as completely as possible. The profile serves essentially as a business card. This will help members network and be more easily found by other members.

radRounds Team
totally agreed there, not only this i would suggest anonymous user account should be given three warnings to update and then deleted to have a better community
I personally think it is okay for some users to have a certain level of anonymity --- that being said, I find the profiles w/ pics and those profiles with more info so much more interesting!

I have already read thru quite a few interesting profiles! Looking through some of the not so anonymous profiles, there are some really experienced radiologists and interesting people here. Curious to see more people here and also converse with others that I normally would not have.


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