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As a representative of a major publishing house I have been made aware about copyright infringement on radrounds. I found many copyrighted images (especially in the cases section) that are publicly displayed without the owner's permission. Please remove all copyrighted material ASAP. If done before August 15 my client will refrain from legal steps.


Please keep this community clean and only upload your own contents or contents with permission of the rightful owner!

Thank you.

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Which images in particular? Please advise. We will remove all images in compliance w/ DMCA.
Dear Benjamin,
We have started to seek these copyrighted images but we need more specifics in terms of exact URLs. Please list them here or in an email to legal@radrounds.com. Thank you. We enforce strict copyright policies and will take down any and all offending content.

-radRounds Admin Team
We have looked extensively throughout the site for any potential copyright infringing material and any suspect items have been removed. However, we may have missed some of the content so please inform us what else you may have seen and we will remove all the material. Thank you.


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