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World-Renowned Radiologist, Beryl Benacerraf, MD, speaks out on the over-use, radiation exposure, and expense of CTs ordered for women with acute pelvic conditions in a bold, eye-opening editorial in the March issue of the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine.  Join the discussion at the AIUM Journal Club this month. A link to the editorial, "Why Has Computed Tomography Won and Ultrasound Lost the Market Share of Imaging for Acute Pelvic Conditions in the Female Patient?" is provided in the journal club discussion forum.

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Great opportunity--thanks for the info!
Ultrasound in my opinion, I am in Nigeria, still remains first choice in acute pelvic conditions in females, apart from being radiation free,, it is portable, give real time image and available. CT examination is a luxury in Nigeria, we have less than 50 CT machines in a country of over 120 Million, so CT is reserved for the very serious cases. In well trained hands, Pelvic Uss, (B, Doppler) is the first choice


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