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The American College of Radiology has played an active role in the physician community’s efforts to permanently repeal the current flawed
Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula. The SGR formula determines
Medicare Physician Payment rates, and due to the permanent flaws in the
formula, Congress has had to apply a temporary patch on a near-annual
basis to ensure physicians are not faced with significant cuts to their
Medicare reimbursement.

We need your help.

The Senate continues to debate temporary fixes, despite repeated assurances that a permanent fix would come as part of health care reform.  While the patch is better than payment cuts, we need to make
sure Senators understand the need for a permanent fix is real, and
without it, their constituents, your patients, will potentially face
access problems to timely imaging services.

Please sign the petition by clicking
this link. A full summary can be found on the ACR Web site.

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