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General Radiology Communities and Resources

Auntminnie | www.auntminnie.com
Auntminnie is a Radiology portal for radiologists, radiology technologists, residents, and industry.

bloodpoolagents.us | www.bloodpoolagents.us
The site contains up to date news, relevant articles concerning blood-pool agents, helpful material such as case studies, clinical images, and suggested protocols to assist in the education of radiology and medical professionals in the US

ContrastInfo | www.contrastinfo.org
Educational and informational website on all things related to contrast agents (CT and MRI)

International Medical Exchange | iMedx.org
Social network for anyone interested in the topic of international health, radiology included

International Radiology Exchange | iRadx.org
Non-profit organization providing radiology services.  Dedicated to providing imaging solutions to other non profit medical organizations.

Medicexchange | medicexchange.com

Medicexchange offers a global radiology portal covering the latest medical imaging news, educational resources and jobs.

MDCT | mdct.com.au
General radiology website dedicated to MDCT.  Find educational resources, news, links, and more here.

MR-TIP | mr-tip.com
Resources and information on MRI.  “THE web portal for the 'MRI Professional'. From the basics to the latest news, you should find it here at MR-TIP.com. To name just a few topics: 'Artifacts' with case studies and 'Image Guidance', 'Contrast Agents' with descriptions, 'Distribution Information' and 'Drug Information', 'Pulse Sequence', 'Device Information', 'Safety Guidance', 'News Service', etc., all based on overviews and database entries with links to more than 2100 publications and resource sites.”

RadGray | www.radgray.com
General radiology website portal and resources available on this website dedicated to imaging.  Find news, cases, and more radiology resources.

RTStudents | www.rtstudents.com
Radiology resources directory for rad techs, radiology students, and radiologists.

XRayLinks | www.xraylinks.com
Radiology links and resources directory

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