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CHORUS: Collaborative Hypertext of Radiology by Dr. Charles E. Kahn

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Medical Imaging News

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Web-based Radiology Teaching Files

Check out our Interesting cases / radRounds Teaching file but also check out these other great online teaching files. Our goal is to be an open-platform to connect you, the radiologist, with the best… View »

Starting a Group for Your Radiology Department or Organization

Did you know your practice, department, residency, or organization can start a FREE group on radRounds? With a group for your organization, you can have your own member forum for your department, a… View »

radRounds Member Benefits and Perks!

Take advantage of member benefits (send private message to radrounds or email admin@radrounds.com for details on how to redeem): 20% off report by KLAS: "Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Medical Equipmen… View »

Radiologist & Radiology Salary, Careers, and Job Outlook - Peer-reviewed Articles

Read more about radiologist salaries, career, and the job market via these Selected Peer-reviewed articles: Determinants of Differences Among Radiologists in Starting Salaries Summary: Why starting… View »

radRounds Case of the Day

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radRounds Partners, Supporters, Sponsors, and Links

The radRounds Radiology Network has formed collaborative partnerships and relationships with the following imaging organizations, institutions, and radiology websites. Foundation of our radiology-foc… View »

Secure Image Sharing

radRounds has partnered with Intelemage InteleGRID to provide all of our users with a secure image sharing solution. Securely share images with other radRounds members as well as anyone else in the… View »


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