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March 2011 Blog Posts (18)

NeuroLogica Corporation Announces FDA Clearance for Portable Body CT Scanner - BodyTom

NeuroLogica Corporation announced the receipt of 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the world's first portable, full body, multi-slice CT scanner, the BodyTomTM. (www.NeuroLogica.com)

The BodyTomTM is the newest offering in NeuroLogica’s portable computed tomography imaging line. BodyTomTM is a completely portable, full body, 32 slice CT that boasts an impressive 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view (FOV). The… Continue

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Global Health in Radiology: ACR to Assist with Radiology Training & Education in Haiti

ACR Representatives to Assist with Radiology Training and Education During Upcoming Visit to Haiti

ACR International Outreach Committee Chairman James Borgstede, MD, ACR Board of Chancellors Vice Chairman Paul Ellenbogen, MD, and ACR Senior Director of Membership Brad Short will travel to Haiti this week to help with ongoing efforts to assist radiology in Port-au-Prince. During their trip they will develop a support plan for Grace Children’s Hospital and the General Hospital… Continue

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Auntminnie Europe Portal Launches new Healthcare Informatics Digital Community

Radiology portal Auntminnie.com's European website has just launched a new Healthcare Informatics Community. The website section on Auntminnie will focus on the emerging role of informatics in EMR, radiology-based informatics tools, PACS, and much more. To learn more about AuntminnieEurope's digital community, please visit AuntminnieEurope.com and see for yourself.

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Smart phones in radiology

Hello Everyone!

I am authoring a paper dealing with smart phones in radiology, but I dont have access to there two papers:


Print Versus Online: The Debate Goes On!

Am. J. Roentgenol., Oct 2010; 195: 815 - 816.



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Together With Technology, vRad Is Expanding the Delivery of Early Detection, Saving Lives

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., March 15, 2011―Virtual Radiologic (vRad), a technology-enabled national radiology practice, today announced the launch of an innovative delivery of breast imaging solutions that will expand access to the highest-quality interpretations from fellowship-trained subspecialists across the United States.

“One out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast… Continue

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Siemens International CT Image Contest 2011 - "Maximum image quality, minimum radiation dose"

Following on from the amazing success of the first computed tomography (CT) image contest in 2010, Siemens Healthcare has announced the "International CT Image Contest 2011". Institutions and clinics around the globe will submit their best clinical images, taken with the lowest possible radiation dose on Siemens CTs, to a jury of internationally renowned professors. The contest starts on March 3rd, and the closing date for entries is September 18th, 2011. The winners will be announced at the… Continue

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I am NOT a Doctor!

How many times have you been asked, "Are you a Doctor?", or after a radiograph is taken a patient asks, "So is it broken?", or even when it's explicitly stated that you are not a physician, a patient says, "Come on, you've seen enough of these. Do I have cancer?". I'm sure the answer to the number of times you've heard these questions is anywhere from once to hundreds of thousands. A lot of times it's very tempting to answer these questions in order to prevent confrontation with a patient or to… Continue

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The American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) is now a program of the American College of Radiology (ACR), and continues the unique radiology training experience for residents and fellows formerly held at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology's Walter Reed facility.

New Name, Same Quality Course

The AIRP four-week Radiologic Pathologic Correlation Course offers the same excellent training and housing opportunities:

- Comprehensive review of radiologic… Continue

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AIRP Housing Website

The ACR has created a great resource for finding AIRP Housing - Please refer to the following ACR-RFS resource for the AIRP housing listing:


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I need a journal article. Can you help me?

I am preparing for a referal and I think this paper would help me a lot, but I dont have access to it. Can somebody please help me and email it to me? (andras dot szekely at gmail dot com).

Imaging of Pleural Disease doi:10.1016/j.ccm.2006.02.001

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AIRP Case Submission

AIRP Case Submission and Preparation for Radiology Residents:


For full description, please visit the AIRP website directly at http://www.airp.org/case_prep.html


Residents attending the AIRP Radiologic Pathology Correlation Course are required to submit ONE pathologically proven case illustrating a radiologic-pathologic correlation. If a resident chooses to submit TWO pathologically… Continue

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AIRP Housing Suggestions

Accommodations are available in private homes near the AFI Silver Theatre as well as in hotels and apartments in Silver Spring, MD. (Consultation with a fellow resident who has attended the course is recommended.)


Silver Spring, MD: This is a good option for quick and easy access to the Silver Theatre. The prices tend to be lower than other areas due to its distance from Washington, DC. Public transportation to DC is available via Metro… Continue

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How Much Radiation Am I Getting?

A common question from a lot of patients is "Isn't radiation bad for me?" or "How much radiation am I going to receive from this x-ray?" or "Is this exam going to give me cancer?" Those aren't dumb questions and honestly, they're very difficult questions to answer in terms that a patient can understand. Better yet, they're difficult questions to answer in terms that a physicist can understand. I'm going to try and attempt the impossible and give a "layman's" explanation to some of these… Continue

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Who's Irradiating Me?!?!

Have you ever wondered who may be performing your x-ray examination? Chances are it's not a highly qualified individual.

Many offices and clinics have taken the liberty to hire Medical Assistants with Basic X-Ray Machine Operator (BMO) licenses to perform not only their Medical Assistant position but also the Radiologic Technologist's position. Medical Assistants are highly qualified individuals who are able to give injections, apply bandages, take vital signs, and assist physicians;… Continue

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Do You Wanna Be An X-Ray Tech? Better Read This First.

Wanna be an RT? Think it's a quick 2 year degree? Simple...Right? I'll let you in on a little secret...It's not as easy as it sounds.

As a Clinical Instructor for a local university, I can't tell you how many times I see a prospective student come into my place of employment with that silly smirk on his or her face thinking, "This will be a fast way for me to make some easy money!" Ummmm...Not so fast. I ask every single prospective student the same thing, "Why do you want to be an… Continue

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Showing Compassion When It's Not Easy To Do.

How often have you had a patient that you feel extreme sympathy for, you know is wasting your time, or you simply would like to strangle? Nearly every patient in a hospital, clinic, or doctor's office fits this criteria. The important thing is how you control yourself and react to every patient and his or her needs. The facility, the department, your staff, and yourself are all reflected on how you deal with every single patient and ultimately, how it's perceived that they're being…


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are there too many RT's?

It seems to me that there is a preconceived notion in the "radiology world" that there are too many Radiologic Technologists in the so-called employment pool. The theory behind this is that there are tons of public and private educational facilities with radiology programs installed into their curriculum. A radiology program is fairly simple and cheap for an institution to implement and conduct, and the demand of students seems to continue climbing. Along with federal and state subsidies and… Continue

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Radiation Overdose at Another Hospital by CT Scans

(WEST VIRGINIA) -- Cabell Huntington Hospital is currently under investigation by the FDA regarding a number of cases where patients were overdose with radiation by perfusion CT of the brain/head. This is similar to what happened in a major hospital in California last year. Patient's reported symptoms of radiation poisoning including but not including hair loss, immediate nausea, and other serious symptoms. According to officials, the hospital did not disclose this information despite knowing… Continue

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