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April 2017 Blog Posts (9)

Enlitic and Paiyipai Announce Collaboration in China’s Health Check Center Industry

San Francisco based-Enlitic, a medical deep learning company, and Paiyipai, a market leader in the field of medical analysis located in Beijing have announced they’re joining forces in China’s expansive health check center system.

This month, the two…


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New Study Helps Radiology Providers Understand Important Patient-Care Practices

Maintaining strong patient-doctor communication is a basic principle in providing effective health care. Yet, with stress and mounting responsibilities it can be easy to forget priorities. A new study published on…


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Words Matter: The Way Physicians Deliver “Bad News” Can Result in Detrimental Consequences

Delivering medical diagnosis is a sensitive practice that requires deliberate and thought out action. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes patients receive bad news in a way that might feel cold and apathetic. The American Journal of Roentgenology recently published a report documenting two cases in which patients committed suicide after receiving letters from their…


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The 3 Tesla Prisma Promises Benefits Unmatched by Other MRIs

New super charged MRI technology is being implemented in London hospitals that could expedite scanning and treatment for diseases in the heart and brain. The 3 Tesla Prisma, scheduled to be operational next month, is turbo charged with supplementary Siemens software that will enhance MRI processing power. According to the Express, the 3 Tesla Prisma can produce scans for around 6,000 patients a year.

Tesla (T) is not…


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Is There a Way to Lower The Risk of Cancer for Children Undergoing CT Scan?

Children are more vulnerable to radiation than adults. According to research from the University of Melbourne, CT scans can exponentially increase a child’s rate of developing cancer. In conjunction with the World Congress of Public Health, the university is revising 2013 data that found children who had undergone CT scans had a 24 percent higher risk of developing cancer than those who…


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New Research Shows MRI is Becoming Safer for People With Pacemakers

A significant portion of the aging population relies on pacemakers or implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) to lead healthy lives. In the past, MRI use for those folks who depend on these cardiac electronic devices was deemed unsafe, as the technology could trigger cardiac injury. However, emerging research has found zero risk for patients with pacemakers and…


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Lions, Tigers, and Bears Can Fit in This CT Scanner

Animals at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago are getting world-class radiology care. Last summer, La Grange Memorial and Hinsdale hospitals donated their 16-slice CT scanner to the zoo, one of the largest scanners in existence.

Both hospitals…


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X-Rays Need Glasses Too

X-rays have more in common with our eyes than you might think. When X-rays are maneuvered with advanced mirrors and other visual tools, abnormalities can seep in. These issues are akin to vision problems such as astigmatism, coma, and refractive errors. Just like optometrists can prescribe their patients corrective lenses for their vision conditions, a team of…


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What’s At Stake for Medical Residents Under the Trump Administration?

The new administration has impacted higher education in unanticipated ways, and universities across the country are experiencing unusually low rates of international applicants. For example, 40 percent of 250 colleges across the country have observed a decrease in applications from international students. The demographics of…


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