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How to Improve Morale in the Radiology Department

It’s easy to burn out as a radiologist or any other specialist for that matter. Everyone’s susceptible to getting caught up in the proverbial rat race to clock in more hours to get a fatter paycheck. Maybe it’s a cycle that was nurtured during residency, or perhaps it’s just an accepted part of some facilities’ culture. Yet, the constant hustle isn’t healthy for you or your team. Here are some ways to make life a little easier while on the job.

Make time for consultation. Talking and interacting with patients is why we were drawn to the profession in the first place. Routine consultation is key to feeling happy in your practice. It’s a way to connect with the community, and it makes us feel valued. Although we often get wrapped up in the reading room, it’s important to remember that face time is a critical component to job satisfaction.

Effective management. What is the culture of your department? Is your day filled with meetings or is your schedule succinct and patient-driven? Meetings are only necessary when an issue can’t be conveyed via email. A management system that encourages a streamlined workflow and time for clinicians to focus on their individual tasks is imperative to morale. The department should be encouraged to take advantage of advance technology to speed up readings and diagnosis.

Value all of your colleagues. An effective code of conduct is dependent upon interdepartmental respect. No matter your colleagues’ experience, a strong work environment relies on collegiality. No single practitioner is capable of serving every aspect of a patient’s needs. That’s why dignity, respect, and positive role modeling are crucial to developing strong and empowering relationships between colleagues.



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