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Is Being a Radiologist Really Among the Best Jobs in the U.S.?

You might be surprised to hear what are some of the U.S.’s top professions. According to CNN, radiology is one of the best jobs you can have. This January, the media group came out with a report detailing the top 100 jobs in the U.S. Evaluating factors such as mobility, salary, and quality of life, radiologist was determined as the 45th best job for Americans — right after dentist and before career counselor. Radiology scored an “A” in terms of “personal satisfaction”, “benefit to society”, and “telecommuting”. In terms of “low stress”, the career received a “B”. The median salary of $316,000 also boosted the career’s ranking.


This is one of the first instances in the public arena that radiology is being praised as a “top” profession.  Yet, as far as the medical industry’s concerned, radiology has always been a highly-regarded line of work. Being a radiologist entails a mix of direct service with patients and interpreting and analyzing medical images. Becoming a radiologist requires several years of intensive and dedicated study and training. The work demands strategic thinking, comprehensive technological expertise, and high-level communication skills. Albeit financially rewarding and emotionally gratifying, radiologists reckon with anxiety on a regular basis. Long, intense hours and heavily-weighted responsibility were not factors that CNN considered. Perhaps a “C-“ in the stress category is more accurate. 

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