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Microsoft Hololens and Novarad Join Forces to Create 3D Holograms for Radiology

Virtual reality and the medical industry have joined forces once again. Microsoft Hololens, the mixed reality headset that projects comprehensive and accurate depictions of the body’s anatomy, has teamed up with Novarad, a medical imaging software company to develop 3D holograms of MRI scans, CT scans, and x-rays.

Hololens made headlines back in 2015 when they partnered with Case Western Reserve University to give medicine students an one-on-one experience with the human body. With the headset, students were able to examine the body on a near-tangible level. The hologram let them see every layer — from skin to bones — as if it were real. When students “tapped” on different body parts, the hologram zoomed in to reveal the part in more detail.

Steve Cvetko, director of research and development at Novarad, has helped create a way so that 3D holograms of body scans can be visualized over the patient while they’re doing surgery so they detect exactly what they’re looking for — down to the most exact detail. Hololens ultimately makes surgery procedures more accurate and safe.

Although specifics about the project between Novarad and Microsoft have yet to be released, Novarad’s founder, Gibby Wendell, MD, claims the technology will be “revolutionary”. “We think it will vastly speed up the operating process,” he told KSL.com.

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