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A common notion goes that an individual’s environment tells a lot about them in terms of the extent of his or her knowledge. Their experiences shape a person’s choices, desires, and wants in life. Growing up, I wanted to become a lawyer. However, my mother became sick and I had to take care of her. She suffered a stroke partially incapacitated her, a condition that necessitated my help as her caregiver. This was a challenging experience for my family and I. I would take her for checkups, treatments, and other medical procedures. Watching the way nurses took care of the patients as if they were part of their families inspired me significantly to the extent of changing my perspective of my future. Taking care of my mother was a priority and I did it diligently. My interactions with one nurse especially touched me. She was kind and friendly, attending to every patient as if he or she was the only person that mattered at the moment. I understood that being a nurse is not just about professionalism but also about one’s value for life and sharing happiness with other people who are in need.

The nursing profession has many challenges. A nurse deals with people of all kinds without discrimination; meaning that one interacts with patients of all personality types, both young and old. Each category derived from age and personalities have their complexities, especially when it comes to terminal illnesses. Each person copes with pain, stress, and stigma differently. The challenge is for the nurse to be the beacon of hope and inspire resilience. There is no special training for nurses on matters involving personality differences or handling intense emotions involving patients or their caregivers. Also, there is personal discomfort in situations surrounding end of life or extreme cases of terminal illness. Also, lack of compensation and inadequate staffing make it worse with nurses having to extend long periods in consecutive shifts. These things might be stressful for professionals who are hardly well-prepared, and may potentially drive one into a situation of depression. 

According to Essays.Solutions to be a nurse is responsible for the overall wellness of all the people. For example, Sheila is a School nurse. She loves to interact with the children, who are her primary clientele, and also involves their parents. She says that she is happy with the job because it leaves enough time for her and her family. The video brings into perspective two important things. One of them is that the nursing profession is about one’s passion for the job and his or her eagerness to help patients and the general public to achieve the best statuses of their health. It also brings the concern that one should ensure a proper work-life balance, so that he or she enjoys the fullness of life. I share a similar perspective of this profession and is cognizant with the challenges it brings. I believe that NYU is the ideal place to bring the best nurse out of me. 

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