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(ACR) -- The ACR does not collect information on salary or compensation to radiologists. We do, however, have information on compensation compiled from other sources.

1. The MGMA surveys its member groups and collects compensation data. The most recent data are from 2006. (As of August 1, 2008, data will be updated with the most recent data available.) The data are not nationally representative. Responses are tabulated separately by academic and non-academic practices. Typically, MGMA numbers probably overestimate average incomes for all radiologists because MGMA member groups are relatively large and relatively professionally-managed. Please call (Research department phone: 703-715-3480 or email us (research@acr.org) for more information.

2. The AMA used to conduct a survey of a nationally representative sample of physicians and calculated nationally representative average values of compensation by specialty. However, the AMA discontinued the survey and use MGMA data. (The most recent AMA data available are from 2000.)

3. AuntMinnie SalaryScan: There are limitations to the data and survey methods. According to their documentation of methodology, the data in the current version of SalaryScan were collected between January 2008, and March 2008. The data probably are not representative of all radiologists—the radiologists who respond to AuntMinnie aren’t a systematic random sample. The data refer to “salary” and to “bonus.” There isn’t information on how many radiologists receive a bonus in addition to a salary. Also, the survey doesn’t appear to have information about fringe benefits. Fringe benefits can be substantial, particularly contributions to retirement. Reported sample sizes in some cases are too small to provide reliable statistics. Note that although according to the survey methodology provided, more than 4800 radiology professionals submitted information to the survey, the data includes non-physician radiology professionals. The total number of radiologists for calculations nationwide on all experience levels, all modalities, was 420.

4. In addition, Merritt-Hawkins, a physician recruiting firm, compiles information from its survey and a variety of other sources:

We do not know any details of the profile of physicians that are represented by these results. If you suspect that any of these might use a physician profile that is more suited to your needs, you may contact them directly for more information.

Please note that (a) the estimates of averages vary across sources, and (b) measures of compensation vary widely even within each source in that there is a wide range between quartiles.

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