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Will Radiologists be Reading Holograms Instead of Images in the Future? The Revolutionary Technology of Holographic Virtual Colonoscopies

Imagine capturing high-definition, detailed images of the human body without being invasive. Emerging technology from University of California San Francisco’s (UCSF) Imaging Lab might be doing exactly that. Judy Yee, MD, professor and Vice Chair of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, has worked towards developing a virtual holography CTC scan that produces comprehensive holograms of the human anatomy.


The virtual holography CTC produces two-thirds less radiation than conventional colonoscopies. The computer-aided detection (CAD) identifies polyps and cancers while reducing the quantity of pre-procedure laxative typically required. The scan only takes 20 seconds, and produces “fly through” views, akin to 3D cine or virtual reality visuals. In conjunction with the laser stylus, radiologists are able to “grab” specific parts of the scan and examine and interact with them, allowing radiologists to engage with the images in a more thorough context than traditional scans.


“CTC should be the frontline colorectal cancer screening tool, with only those patients who have a lesion sent on to the more invasive colonoscopy,” Yee of UCSF Radiology told Knowridge Science Report. She wants her latest research to encourage those who are afraid of invasive procedures to finally get tested. Yee hopes that the American Cancer Society will soon encourage CTC screenings every 10 years, instead of the recommended five.


Yee’s CTC will ultimately save lives and prevent lesions before they evolve into cancer. “This could go a long way toward helping show what radiology can bring to patient diagnosis and management for all different parts of the body,” she said

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